Perennial Freight Optimise Trailer Utilisation
January 30, 2017
New MST GO Driver App
May 31, 2017

mstwebIt is with great pleasure that Mobil-i are introducing our new Web Platform, MST Web 2017. Our customers played a key role in the development of the new platform advising on many aspects based on real world experiences and pain points. Many of the new features and changes are based primarily on these customer interactions, which guided new feature development, including look and feel and ease-of-use components. MST Web has been in a testing stage for the past few months and we would very much like to thank those customers who road tested the system for us during this period.

The main objective of our new system was to harness the best features and qualities of our existing web interface and overlay them with a smarter more intuitive user interface. MST Web has been designed to operate across almost all desktop and larger smart touch devices.

Our first Web Tracking System was designed in 2006. Initially this system was used to complement our Server/Client solution MS Track Pro. As Broadband improved and online mapping engines became more thorough, we noticed that customers started shifting their preferences to cloud based solutions, rather than local systems. Within a year MS Track Web had moved to a standalone product, and over the following 10 years underwent a number of facelifts, enhancements and adjustments to keep pace with an ever changing marketplace.

The existing MS Track Web system will not be going anywhere in the short term as we anticipate a staged migration to our new interface. However, users who do opt to switch can look forward to the following functionality:
• Cleaner sharper more modern interface
• Enhanced support for smart touch devices
• Specifically designed to accommodate smaller screen sizes of tablets (10 inch and greater)
• New back-end technology allows for faster data updates
• Automatic updates of vehicle locations are pushed to client therefore no need for refreshing of screen
• History feature allows for multiple vehicle history to be displayed at once.
• Additional history features allow for user selected analysis.
• Larger selection of vehicle types and corresponding icons
• Support for new MSTGo driver app already built in
• Enhanced Password Encryption

Additional functionality will be added to the system over the coming months so keep an eye on our newsletter to keep abreast of the latest developments.
To access the new MS Track Web interface click on the following link and save to your favourites:

As ever, free training and support is available from our helpful Customer Support team so feel free to contact us today to arrange access to MS Track Web 2017.