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May 31, 2017
Stamp out late starters
August 15, 2017

At Mobil-i we pride ourselves with one of the most feature rich vehicle tracking solutions on the Irish market. Because we do in house development we can tailor our tracking system to suit your business and provide custom fleet tracking features.

For example you may have a fleet of vehicles with lots of different drivers and you’d like a quick way of knowing if all of your drivers have started work by a certain time of day. We can set the system to send you an alert if a vehicle hasn’t been driven for a given distance or time duration before say 10am. This alert can be sent to a manager, who can then take the appropriate action.

Another example might be if your fleet includes a certain number of rental vehicles, we can set up the system to highlight if a vehicle has not been utilised. In this scenario if the vehicle was parked up for more than 3 working days then an alert would be sent to the fleet manager.

These are just a small example of the type of custom features that we can provide. This can help you maximise the resources in your business, of either staff or vehicles, which are the most expensive part of any business fleet.

If you would like to learn more about the full range of custom fleet tracking features, or if you have a particular problem with your fleet that you’d like us to help you solve, then please call us on 01 8079806.