Lone Worker Portable Tracking Unit

Our lone worker tracking unit provides round the clock protection for your remote workers. The portable device is designed for people who could potentially find themselves in a threatening situation while working remotely. The tracker contains an SOS alert, optional fall alarm, speed sensing, and geo-fence capabilities.

The device can be monitored on our smartphone app MST Mobile and online on our MS Track Web platform. Recharging of the device is very straightforward via USB cable. The unit is in line with the HSE’s HSP:013:02 Policy for Lone Working.

Lone Worker device on MST Web
Lone Worker device on MST Mobile

Key Features

Alarm Button

A big alarm button can save your life in case of an emergency. Direct message sending via GPRS/SMS can be activated with a single press of the button.

Accelerometer & Gyroscope

Built-in accelerometer and gyroscope sensor for more accurate fall down trace data in order to avoid fake events.


Used to detect employees, elderly people and lone workers falling down. The device can monitor the users vertical or horizontal position without any button press and immediately activate an alarm if the configured position is changed.

Small Casing

New modern design boasts a big capacity battery – 800mAh. Dimensions are only 44x43x20mm.

Certified IP67 Case

The waterproof IP67 case design ensures increased protection against dust ingress and water.