Plant and Equipment Tracking to Ensure Efficiency and Peace of Mind

ardfert_quarryIf your business uses heavy plant and equipment that you have to leave on site or unattended, then our plant tracking service could save you a lot of heartache and worry.

We fit a specialist tracking device to your equipment so that it can be monitored remotely from your smartphone or any internet connected computer.

Some of the benefits of our plant tracking service include:

  • The tracking devices can be powered from the plant itself or from their own battery if needed so they are completely self-sufficient.
  • Each tracking unit will have its own SIM card and can be configured to check in as often as you want.
  • If any movement is detected with the equipment that is being tracked then the tracking unit can be set to report its location much more frequently.
  • Alerts direct to your mobile phone can be set up so if the equipment moves when it was not meant to then you receive an instant alert.

Our system has saved hundreds of thousands of Euro worth of equipment from being lost. As soon as a suspected theft has taken place we can work with you and the Gardai to retrieve stolen equipment

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