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August 15, 2017
Nationwide Cleaning Resources Utilises Mobil-i GPS Tracking
October 10, 2017

If your car or motorbike gets stolen then at least you are covered by insurance that will pay out and allow you to purchase another vehicle? Right? Wrong. What most people fail to realise is that often when an insurance company pays out this will be at a lower amount than it would cost you to purchase the same car.

This means that if your car or motorbike get stolen you could be facing a shortfall of thousands of Euro when it comes to replace it.
This can be a particular issue for cars or bikes that are worth more to you than their open market value. Perhaps they are special editions or have some sentimental value. In this case the money received from an insurance pay-out will never be able to replace the specific vehicle.

By fitting a Mobil-i tracking unit to your vehicle you can be sure that you are doing your utmost to protect your investment. If it is stolen then you can track its exact location and help the Gardai to locate it for you. We have experience of helping reunite a variety of stolen vehicles to their rightful owner.

This way you can avoid getting short changed from your insurance company and also help to keep your future insurance premiums lower.
To learn more about tracking your personal vehicle or motorbike please give us a call on 01 8079806.