How vehicle tracking can help you avoid insurance shortfalls
August 30, 2017
mobil-i gps vehcle tracking for GT group
GT Group Provide Expert Vehicle Recovery with Support from Mobil-i Vehicle Tracking
October 30, 2017

Nationwide Cleaning Resources are commercial cleaning experts based in Dublin 11. They cover the whole country providing a range of cleaning services from power washing to commercial floor cleaning.

The catalyst for getting fleet tracking from Mobil-i was when one of NCRs vans was stolen. By getting vehicle tracking they wanted to demonstrate to their insurers that they had taken action and conducted a full risk assessment.

Since installing the tracking units in their fleet of approximately 20 vehicles including vans, jeeps and power washing vehicles the team have been able to derive a lot of use from the system, in particular they are able to:

  • Monitor driver activity. They operate crew cabs with 6 or 7 people and want to be able to keep track of vehicles and ensure that drivers are driving safely as they transport staff.
  • Tracking of service intervals and DOE testing alerts
  • Use the system for cross referencing with timesheets if there are ever any disputes. The system will allow the administration team to check exactly when a vehicle and cleaning crew, arrived at and left a job site.
  • The system provides a check and balance for those staff who have fuel cards, they can cross reference Fuel top ups on their DCI cards with mileage done in the vehicles to ensure they are only being used for company vehicles.

In addition NCR have a large screen in their office and can see exactly where their vehicles are in real time at any stage throughout the day. This helps dispatchers to know if teams are where they are supposed to be.

One of the biggest benefits with the system is the fact that employees know that they are being monitored, this prevents them from being tempted to cut corners or leave jobs early.