Announcing the much anticipated new MS Track Web 2017
April 13, 2017
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May 31, 2017

mstgoOur new MST GO driver app is now available for use by all of our customers. To use the app it is simply installed on a drivers’ mobile phone. Currently it is only available for Android phones.

The key benefit of MST Go is that it allows your drivers to drive multiple vehicles in your fleet and then combines the driver data with your fleet data inside of MST Web.

MST Go provides the following functionality and features:

– Driver status updates such as Start shift, Start driving, End driving etc, which is easily selected by the driver using large clear buttons on the screen

– Two way messaging allows a user/driver to send a message, which is then displayed within our new MSTrackWeb. In turn the MSTrackWeb user is able to reply or generate a new message for the driver.

– Form based activities such as vehicle check list can be used to ensure drivers complete the required checks before driving a vehicle in your fleet.

A record of what was submitted is then stored. Perfect for ensuring vehicles are regularly checked and maintained in top condition.

For example see the images below. The image on the left is the form in the MST GO Driver App and the image on the right is the re-generation of the form submitted by the driver and displayed within MSTrackWeb

mstgo2  mstgo3.png








– A final, but no less important feature is automatic report location. The app, subject to permissions periodically transmits locations (charges may apply) to our server where the history is stored. This naturally allows for replay of a drivers movements independent of the vehicle he or she is driving.

MST Go also provides basic lone worker functionality, allowing you to track employees with their mobile devices, but it must be noted that it doesn’t include any emergency functionality.

For android devices you can download MST Go here: