GPS Tracking for Truck Trailers

Truck trailers can often require their own tracking independent of the truck tractor. This can be useful when trailers are dropped off and collected by different drivers to ensure that they can always be easily located.

Some of the features of our trailer tracking service are as follows:

  • The tracking devices that we use for trailers come with their own battery so they are completely self-sufficient.
  • Each tracking unit will have its own SIM card and can be set to report in a set number of times per day.
  • Once the trailer is moving then the unit can be set to detect this and begin to transmit more frequently.
  • An alert can also be sent to your phone as soon as movement is detected.  This means if anyone takes the trailer you will know about it straight away and be able to track it on the map, using our system, immediately

To learn more about trailer tracking or to arrange a demo or trial for your fleet please get in touch now.


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